Halloween 2011 – Part II

As promised, “Halloween 2011 – Part II” is here; highlighting my family’s night of Trick or Treat.

First, we had a pirate, Aerial, and a cop.

And we were off to the first house…


4 thoughts on “Halloween 2011 – Part II

  1. Joe again this cop is going to take the whole credit for this post. Although i do not have much idea about this Halloween, but i am having a feeling that it must be a good one as it is giving a reason to you all to celebrate this festival together. For me all those things in life, which bring family together is always good.

  2. Wow, your neighborhood looks like such a fun place to live! (Except for the poor guy in the trunk.) These pictures are awesome. You can really feel the spirit — I almost feel like I was there. And I can’t believe so many of your neighbors got into the Halloween spirit! 🙂

    • My youth was spent in this neighborhood (before stuff like the poor guy in the trunk started happening), but I have since moved out in the country just on the outskirts of this town. It’s funny though, my three brothers live almost in a line with each other. If you were to stand in one of any of my brother’s yards, you could see all three of their houses. There’s something about this small town (pop. about 3,000) that grows on you.

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