Happy Birthday Son


You’re two today!  Exactly 1 year, 6 months, 12 weeks, 50 days, 672 hours, and 29,520 seconds ago, you entered this world and took your first breath.  Me and your mommy’s eyes were teary, the rush of adrenaline from the anticipation of your arrival was pure, and my dreams of us playing football in the backyard when you got older were vivid.  Our one and only son, you, had finally arrived. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Enough Is Enough

Becoming a parent means much more than walking your child to the bus stop on their first day of school, watching their first organized sport, taking them to their first social event, chaperoning their first date, or watching them graduate from high school.  Becoming a parent means you get to be a kid again!  You get a chance to relive your childhood through them by watching cartoon movies you liked as a child yourself, playing with action figures, and playing tag on the playground at the local park.  But I’ve recently learned being the father of a two-year old boy who has an unbreakable obsession is starting to take its toll of the rest of the family. Continue reading

Halloween 2011 – Part III

To finish off Halloween 2011, I’ve put together this collage.

Next up…Thanksgiving!

Halloween 2011 – Part II

As promised, “Halloween 2011 – Part II” is here; highlighting my family’s night of Trick or Treat.

First, we had a pirate, Aerial, and a cop. Continue reading

Halloween 2011 – Part I

One of my children’s favorite times of the year, Halloween is amongst us and Trick or Treat is tonight!  The sugar induced frenzy that is Trick or Treat is a special one for my family this year.  You see, our youngest child Wyatt, was too young to partake in the festivities last year.  At only 8 months old last year at this time, he had to sit in his stroller and could only watch while his sisters raked in all the goodies.  I couldn’t imagine the envy he must have been feeling.  But this year is going to be different for our son, as he’ll be trudging up to each and every door flanked by his sisters while they ALL cash in on the candy. Continue reading

Sports Illustrated Cover

Look everybody, my daughter is on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Not Your Ordinary Orchard

As the Summer blues and greens give way to Autumn’s browns, reds, and yellows, we can count on a few things for sure.  The sun will rise and fall with unspeakable grace and natural beauty, the clear night sky will dazzle our senses with its dancing stars, Halloween and Thanksgiving are fast approaching, the odor of freshly burning wood will fill our homes, and a visit to the local orchard will be in order. Continue reading

Puzzle Pieces

Here’s another recent work of mine.  Again I’d like to say thanks to Steve Patterson for providing the easy to follow tutorial for which this image is based on.  It can be found here. Continue reading

Photoshop Elements – First Creation

If I were to rank my levels of creativity and imagination on a scale of 1 to 10, creativity would be a -5 and imagination would be a -2.  Now, if I were to rank my levels of how badly I wish I was creative and imaginative, creativity would be a 12 and my desire to have some type of imagination would be a 14. Continue reading