Top 5 Reasons I Love Lists

According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, the average human being processes approximately 70,000 thoughts per day (  Yes, 70,000…PER DAY!  Here is thought 70,001; how in the hell are we supposed to remember toilet paper, milk, the ergonomic safety meeting right after lunch on a dull Tuesday, and to take the trash out to the street so you don’t miss another week?  The answer; lists, lists, lists.  Continue reading


I Have Writers Block So I’m Just Going To Say It

We all face it as bloggers and/or writers.  A blank page, staring back at you, mocking you.  “Haha, you can’t think of anything to write on me.”, I can hear the page saying.  “Bastard piece of paper!  Why won’t you let my thoughts stain your emptiness!?“, I ponder.

The oddity of this phenomenon is that each and every time we prepare a post, article, or whatever you want to call it, we start with a blank page.  So why can’t we transfer our thoughts through the tips of our fingers onto the keyboard every time? Continue reading

Morning Misfortune

There it was.  Resting peacefully in a foreign location, staring back at me almost as if it were mocking me due to my vulnerable and unsettling position.  Its dark skin was practically shielding it from view; but I knew it was there.

I stood there, envious of the position I put it in.  Wishing more than anything I could rewind the hands of time to erase my feeling of despair, my feeling of sheer helplessness.  I longed for us to be reunited and was repulsed by my gross neglect and borderline self-inflicted treachery.

45 minutes earlier… Continue reading