I Won!

We all dream of it.  Financial freedom, the ability to travel at will, the cars, the mansion, vacation houses, butlers, jewelry, the ultimate man (or woman) cave, your own posse, and a laundry list of other haphazard ideas that are associated with the life alternating experience that is the lottery.  And after months and months of pressing my luck and wasting my money, it has finally paid off.  I finally won! Continue reading


Well Isn’t This Embarrassing

As a former officer of the law, as well as the son and grandson of three courageous and selfless men who have devoted their entire working life to public safety, I have the utmost respect for police officers.  While most people curse law enforcement officials (until they need one), I have always tried to obey the law, report incidents when I witness them, and always tell the truth whenever I am stopped or questioned by public safety officers.  After all, honesty is the best policy, isn’t it?

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Morning Misfortune

There it was.  Resting peacefully in a foreign location, staring back at me almost as if it were mocking me due to my vulnerable and unsettling position.  Its dark skin was practically shielding it from view; but I knew it was there.

I stood there, envious of the position I put it in.  Wishing more than anything I could rewind the hands of time to erase my feeling of despair, my feeling of sheer helplessness.  I longed for us to be reunited and was repulsed by my gross neglect and borderline self-inflicted treachery.

45 minutes earlier… Continue reading