I’m Not Crafty, Am I?

Crafts are not my cup of tea.  And while I sometimes find myself gazing at haphazard items made from the bare hands of those who do have the talent to warp, transform or otherwise create something out of seemingly nothing, I never really had a desire to be crafty…until this weekend. Continue reading


Top 5 Reasons I Love Lists

According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, the average human being processes approximately 70,000 thoughts per day (www.loni.ucla.edu).  Yes, 70,000…PER DAY!  Here is thought 70,001; how in the hell are we supposed to remember toilet paper, milk, the ergonomic safety meeting right after lunch on a dull Tuesday, and to take the trash out to the street so you don’t miss another week?  The answer; lists, lists, lists.  Continue reading

I Won!

We all dream of it.  Financial freedom, the ability to travel at will, the cars, the mansion, vacation houses, butlers, jewelry, the ultimate man (or woman) cave, your own posse, and a laundry list of other haphazard ideas that are associated with the life alternating experience that is the lottery.  And after months and months of pressing my luck and wasting my money, it has finally paid off.  I finally won! Continue reading

Enough Is Enough

Becoming a parent means much more than walking your child to the bus stop on their first day of school, watching their first organized sport, taking them to their first social event, chaperoning their first date, or watching them graduate from high school.  Becoming a parent means you get to be a kid again!  You get a chance to relive your childhood through them by watching cartoon movies you liked as a child yourself, playing with action figures, and playing tag on the playground at the local park.  But I’ve recently learned being the father of a two-year old boy who has an unbreakable obsession is starting to take its toll of the rest of the family. Continue reading

Well Isn’t This Embarrassing

As a former officer of the law, as well as the son and grandson of three courageous and selfless men who have devoted their entire working life to public safety, I have the utmost respect for police officers.  While most people curse law enforcement officials (until they need one), I have always tried to obey the law, report incidents when I witness them, and always tell the truth whenever I am stopped or questioned by public safety officers.  After all, honesty is the best policy, isn’t it?

Continue reading

Beef…It’s What’s for Dinner…For At Least the Next Couple Years

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of country livin’ is the opportunity to be as self-sufficient as possible.  A garden, wood-burning stove, and now, raising beef cattle, are just a few ways my family has taken advantage of our country plot.  With prices raising everywhere you turn, one heat bill and a trip to the grocery can easily exhaust a pay check nowadays, especially when you have five mouths to fed (6 including the dog). Continue reading

The Handshake: A Business Approach

As we mature from our high fives, chest bumps, and those extravagant handshakes that would lead you to believe someone is suffering a seizure, to the more appropriate and socially acceptable handshake, it is imperative people know how to pull off this all important non-verbal gesture successfully; as well as know what is acceptable in a variety of business environments.  Certainly high fives and chest bumps still have a place in our “inner-child” or “inner-fan”, but I don’t advise them when greeting a business client or your future boss (for the first time anyway…). Continue reading

Not Your Ordinary Orchard

As the Summer blues and greens give way to Autumn’s browns, reds, and yellows, we can count on a few things for sure.  The sun will rise and fall with unspeakable grace and natural beauty, the clear night sky will dazzle our senses with its dancing stars, Halloween and Thanksgiving are fast approaching, the odor of freshly burning wood will fill our homes, and a visit to the local orchard will be in order. Continue reading

Puzzle Pieces

Here’s another recent work of mine.  Again I’d like to say thanks to Steve Patterson for providing the easy to follow tutorial for which this image is based on.  It can be found here. Continue reading

PSE out; PS CS5 Ext in

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

To hell with Photoshop Elements!  I’ve moved on to bigger and better things; Photoshop CS5 Extended!  I figured if I’m going to take a serious interest in photo editing and manipulation, I might as well have a full-featured program that’ll guide me to where I want to go with it. Continue reading