Happy Birthday Son


You’re two today!  Exactly 1 year, 6 months, 12 weeks, 50 days, 672 hours, and 29,520 seconds ago, you entered this world and took your first breath.  Me and your mommy’s eyes were teary, the rush of adrenaline from the anticipation of your arrival was pure, and my dreams of us playing football in the backyard when you got older were vivid.  Our one and only son, you, had finally arrived. Continue reading


Life is Simple…Keep it Simple!

“Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else.” –Leonardo da Vinci

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I do not have the answer to the question “what is life?”. To be honest, I never tried to find the answer to this question; maybe I know I am not that intelligent to find the answer. But my approach towards life is very simple. I believe life is very simple; we humans make it complicated by our desires. So, why make life a complex one, by knowing that we can keep it simple? I am not sure this attitude will make you successful in life or not; but I can guarantee you this attitude will help you to be happy. Continue reading

I Won!

We all dream of it.  Financial freedom, the ability to travel at will, the cars, the mansion, vacation houses, butlers, jewelry, the ultimate man (or woman) cave, your own posse, and a laundry list of other haphazard ideas that are associated with the life alternating experience that is the lottery.  And after months and months of pressing my luck and wasting my money, it has finally paid off.  I finally won! Continue reading

Well Isn’t This Embarrassing

As a former officer of the law, as well as the son and grandson of three courageous and selfless men who have devoted their entire working life to public safety, I have the utmost respect for police officers.  While most people curse law enforcement officials (until they need one), I have always tried to obey the law, report incidents when I witness them, and always tell the truth whenever I am stopped or questioned by public safety officers.  After all, honesty is the best policy, isn’t it?

Continue reading

I Have Writers Block So I’m Just Going To Say It

We all face it as bloggers and/or writers.  A blank page, staring back at you, mocking you.  “Haha, you can’t think of anything to write on me.”, I can hear the page saying.  “Bastard piece of paper!  Why won’t you let my thoughts stain your emptiness!?“, I ponder.

The oddity of this phenomenon is that each and every time we prepare a post, article, or whatever you want to call it, we start with a blank page.  So why can’t we transfer our thoughts through the tips of our fingers onto the keyboard every time? Continue reading

Time to Rant

Those of you that follow me (all eleven of you I think) know for the most part my posts generally convey a positive message of some type.  Well, this post is NOT going to be one of them.  Everybody needs to blow some stream every once in a while and this is my “every once in a while”.

Why here you ask?  The main reason is because my wife doesn’t like to hear me bitch.  Understandably so, but considering she is one of my eleven followers, she’s going to hear about it anyway; just indirectly.  Although she might just get the notification and immediately delete it like the others that have come before this…I don’t know.  The second reason is because I’m certain I’m not the only one that is infuriated, distraught, upset, irritated, or plain ole pissed off by what I’m about to list – well maybe some of the things I swear it’s just me, but the others I’m positive my readers and the WordPress community for that matter, can relate to. Continue reading

Morning Misfortune

There it was.  Resting peacefully in a foreign location, staring back at me almost as if it were mocking me due to my vulnerable and unsettling position.  Its dark skin was practically shielding it from view; but I knew it was there.

I stood there, envious of the position I put it in.  Wishing more than anything I could rewind the hands of time to erase my feeling of despair, my feeling of sheer helplessness.  I longed for us to be reunited and was repulsed by my gross neglect and borderline self-inflicted treachery.

45 minutes earlier… Continue reading

The Handshake: A Business Approach

As we mature from our high fives, chest bumps, and those extravagant handshakes that would lead you to believe someone is suffering a seizure, to the more appropriate and socially acceptable handshake, it is imperative people know how to pull off this all important non-verbal gesture successfully; as well as know what is acceptable in a variety of business environments.  Certainly high fives and chest bumps still have a place in our “inner-child” or “inner-fan”, but I don’t advise them when greeting a business client or your future boss (for the first time anyway…). Continue reading

Sports Illustrated Cover

Look everybody, my daughter is on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Not Your Ordinary Orchard

As the Summer blues and greens give way to Autumn’s browns, reds, and yellows, we can count on a few things for sure.  The sun will rise and fall with unspeakable grace and natural beauty, the clear night sky will dazzle our senses with its dancing stars, Halloween and Thanksgiving are fast approaching, the odor of freshly burning wood will fill our homes, and a visit to the local orchard will be in order. Continue reading