I’m Not Crafty, Am I?

Crafts are not my cup of tea.  And while I sometimes find myself gazing at haphazard items made from the bare hands of those who do have the talent to warp, transform or otherwise create something out of seemingly nothing, I never really had a desire to be crafty…until this weekend. Continue reading


Halloween 2011 – Part III

To finish off Halloween 2011, I’ve put together this collage.

Next up…Thanksgiving!

Sports Illustrated Cover

Look everybody, my daughter is on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Puzzle Pieces

Here’s another recent work of mine.  Again I’d like to say thanks to Steve Patterson for providing the easy to follow tutorial for which this image is based on.  It can be found here. Continue reading

Photoshop CS5 Extended – First Project

After installing Photoshop CS5 Extended I immediately started on my first project.  Allow me to reiterate I’m a newbie, so don’t expect your mind to be blown with this first project of mine but I’m thrilled with how it turned out.  Simple and basic layering as well as some layer masks and styles were used to create the new image.  I also included a few splatter brushes, text, and some sparkles. Continue reading

PSE out; PS CS5 Ext in

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

To hell with Photoshop Elements!  I’ve moved on to bigger and better things; Photoshop CS5 Extended!  I figured if I’m going to take a serious interest in photo editing and manipulation, I might as well have a full-featured program that’ll guide me to where I want to go with it. Continue reading

Photoshop Elements – First Creation

If I were to rank my levels of creativity and imagination on a scale of 1 to 10, creativity would be a -5 and imagination would be a -2.  Now, if I were to rank my levels of how badly I wish I was creative and imaginative, creativity would be a 12 and my desire to have some type of imagination would be a 14. Continue reading