Happy Birthday Son


You’re two today!  Exactly 1 year, 6 months, 12 weeks, 50 days, 672 hours, and 29,520 seconds ago, you entered this world and took your first breath.  Me and your mommy’s eyes were teary, the rush of adrenaline from the anticipation of your arrival was pure, and my dreams of us playing football in the backyard when you got older were vivid.  Our one and only son, you, had finally arrived.

Naturally you were quite upset furious after mommy violently expelled you from her body.  This world was a cold, bright place compared to where you resided for the nine months prior to your expulsion.  But the shrill of your first cry was the reassurance mommy and I needed to know you were okay.  The nurse quickly grabbed you and sucked all the mucus out of your orifices and gave you your first rub down under the heat light I’m sure you loved.  Ten fingers, ten toes, two arms, two legs, and one…thing.  You were perfect in every way.

Mommy was the first to hold you, unless you consider the exchange from the nurse to me and quickly me to mommy like you were some kind of hot potato.  I remember her first words to you, “Are you the one that kept kicking me?”  Mommy looked deep into your eyes for what seemed like an eternity while you laid there, tightly wrapped up in what I call a “baby burrito”.  You were every bit of beautiful; the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Feb ’10 – You & Mommy

Now it was my turn, after all, daddy worked hard to create you.  As mommy passed you to me, you’d think we were exchanging a precious, rare Fabergé egg.  But you were much more than that.  You are our son.  My future athlete.  My little man.  And even though I had only known you for a few short minutes, my best friend.

Feb ’10 – You & Daddy

I was shaking terribly.  Even though this wasn’t the first time mommy and I have done this, the rush of a million feelings and thoughts doesn’t go away.  As I took you into my arms for the first time, like mommy, I stared you deep in your beautiful eyes, thankful you were perfectly healthy.  My mind began drifting about what the future was to hold for this new father-son relationship; your first day of school, your first organized sport, your first broken heart, your first day of high school.

After spending some time with just me and mommy, Nana Marquis held you.  Nana Marquis is very special and spent the night at the hospital with me and mommy.  She talked to you, held you, snuggled you, and instantly fell in love with you, just like me and mommy.  After a few moments, the nurse whisked you away again.  This time for your first bath and the tortuous poking and prodding, and the dreaded circumcision.  To be honest, I think I was in more pain than you at that point as I knew you wouldn’t remember it, but the thought of it hurt daddy.

While you were away, you had two special visitors show up, your sisters.  Leah and Ella were so very excited to meet you.  They talked about you all the time before you came into this world; wondering what you’d look like, what you’d be like, what your name was going to be (which by the way, you didn’t have one until a couple of hours after you were born), and how you’d look dressed up like a girl.  When you came back, they both held you, something mommy and I will never forget.  They loved you like they’ve never loved anything before.

Feb ’10 – Leah, you, Ella, & Mommy

Feb ’10 – You & Leah

Feb ’10 – You & Ella

Feb ’10 – Leah, Ella, you, & Daddy

Over the course of the next couple hours, more people came to see you.  Your Nana Cathy and Papas Barry, Brett, Tom, and Bo, your Uncles Andy, Matt, and Cam, Aunts Lori and Emily, your cousins Lilly, Avery, and Nate, your great nana, and PawPaw all came out to meet you.  They all held you, commented on how beautiful and perfect you were, and showered you, me, and mommy with blankets, baby shampoos, tiny outfits, and stuffed animals.  It was a day we’ll never forget…

Feb ’10 – Uncle Andy, Daddy, & Uncle Matt

Feb ’10 – You, Uncle Andy, & Aunt Lori

Feb ’10 – You, Aunt Emily, Lilly, Uncle Matt, & Avery

Feb ’10 – You, Nana Cathy, & Ella

Feb ’10 – You & Nana Marquis

Feb ’10 – You, Great Nana Lois, & PawPaw

Feb ’10 – You & Uncle Cam

…and now you’re turning two.  Where did the time go?  It seems like just yesterday me and mommy brought you home for the first time.  Now you’re running around, talking, defending yourself against your sisters, and have developed a truly remarkable and hilarious personality.  But one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact you’re the most handsome thing to ever walk this planet (although daddy is a close second).  Your blonde hair and cute little face is going to break some hearts one day.

Mommy and I love scooping you up and kissing you until you can’t stand it anymore.  But most times, you love to snuggle and give the best hugs and kisses in the world.

You even have favorites now!  You love Cars and Toy Story and run around the house yelling, “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!”, signaling to me and mommy you want to watch Toy Story.  In fact, as soon as we all get home, you run straight to the couch, hike up your legs indicating you want your shoes and socks off, then sprawl out on the couch and point to the TV yelling, “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz”, until someone puts the movie in for you.

Sunday’s are our man days.  When daddy turns on the football games you climb up on the couch and plop down right next to me and stare at the TV excitedly shouting, “Football, football!”  And grilling…you love for daddy to pick you up when I’m grilling so you can see what’s going on.

You love pasta, any type of pasta.  There are even times you refuse to eat unless it’s some type of pasta.  Spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and those noodles with chicken and vegetables daddy cooks are your favorites.

You love hot wheels and really anything that has wheels on it.  For Christmas, Santa brought you a lot of those and to this day, you haven’t stopped playing with them.  You also love balls.  Basketballs, baseballs, golf balls, footballs; anything you can throw.  You’re such a boy!

And you melt me and mommy’s heart.  Your precious smile, your hilarious laugh, your voice, your hugs, your demeanor, your spirit, your sense of adventure, and even the little attitude you’ve developed as you approach your terrible two’s is indescribably perfect and sweet.  You are everything mommy and daddy could have ever wished for.

Mommy and daddy and your sisters love you very much!  You complete us!  Happy Birthday Son.

With all my eternal and unconditional love,


P.S.  Let me show you how you’ve grown

Mar ’10 – 1 Month

Apr ’10 – 2 Months

May ’10 – 3 Months

Jun ’10 – 4 Months

Jul ’10 – 5 Months

Aug ’10 – 6 Months

Sept ’10 – 7 Months

Oct ’10 – 8 Months

Nov ’10 – 9 Months

Dec ’11 – 10 Months Merry Christmas!

Jan ’11 – 11 Months

Feb ’11 – 1 Year Happy Birthday!

Feb ’11 – 1 Year Happy Birthday!

Mar ’11 – 1 Year 1 Month

Apr ’11 – 1 Year 2 Months

May ’11 – 1 Year 3 Months Mommy’s Idea, Not Mine

Jun ’11 – 1 Year 4 Months

Jul ’11 – 1 Year 5 Months

Aug ’11 – 1 Year 6 Months

Sept ’11 – 1 Year 7 Months

Oct ’11 – 1 Year 8 Months

Nov ’11 – 1 Year 9 Months

Dec ’11 – 1 Year 10 Months

Jan ’12 – 1 Year 11 Months

Feb ’12 – 2 Years Happy Birthday!


18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Son

  1. Oh Joe, so beautiful. What a tribute to your little man. You can just feel the love pouring out of your soul as you write about him. This line made me tear up, “And even though I had only known you for a few short minutes, my best friend.”

    Your little guy is so lucky to have you as his dad. It was wonderful to see so many pictures of your beautiful family — what sweet little girls you have, to hold your boy and feed him, so precious. You should print this post out and tuck it somewhere safe, so Wyatt can read it when he grows.

    My own little boy is now 5. But just like you, it feels like yesterday when I think of the day he was born. You’ve done good, Joe. You have so many cherished memories and he’s only 2. Thank you for taking the time to share this part of your life with us, it was great to read.

  2. Pingback: Happy 5 months Abby! | imexcited

    • Thanks MJ. Time does go by way too quick, especially after having your own children. It’s been a joy watching him grow and I can’t wait to see him continue to grow.

    • HaHa, one of my favs too Jamie. Perhaps the most difficult of this post was finding the right mixture of comedic, meaningful, and heart-felt photos. The one you spoke of obviously fit into the comedic category. He has much better manners at the dinner table now.

      Thanks for stopping by Jamie!

  3. Happy Birth Day to your son. May he gets all the happiness in life.
    Joe, I have never seen a father expressing his feeling for his son in such a way. Believe me, I have never read, seen or experience anything so beautiful like this, that to be from a father. You are a wonderful wonderful person. I can tell you, after few more years when your son can value these words; he will surely realize he is blessed with such a loving and caring father.
    “My mind began drifting about what the future was to hold for this new father-son relationship; your first day of school, your first organized sport, your first broken heart, your first day of high school.”- this part made me emotional.
    I really have no words to describe, how good is this post of your. I will remember this post forever. It was something special. As I always say, when a person write/speak from heart; it touches the other’s heart. It was one of them.
    All my best wishes to you and your wonderful family. One more thing, now Arctic Showdown is no more favorite post in your blog. Now you have to really write some thing more than extra ordinary to beat this post as my favorite. Thanks for sharing these thoughts buddy.

    • I can’t begin to thank you for your kind words Arindam. This post was very easy for me even though it was out of the normal scope of some of my other posts. But because it was from the heart, it came simple.

      My son and I have a very special relationship (as you can tell) and I love spending every minute with him. He is truly unique and I have enjoyed watching him grow and experiencing his personality.

      I know how much you love Arctic Showdown so this one must be very special for you if it’s your favorite now. I’ll do my best to top this one, although it’ll be quite tough as this post is in a class of its own.

      Again, thanks Arindam, for everything, for your kind words, and just being a friend. Take care buddy.

  4. Aw, happy birthday to you little man! This post made me tear up so many times remembering my son’s early years. He’s almost 10 now and I can’t wrap my mind around it. He also loved Toy Story (still loves Hot Wheels) Great story and lovely pictures, Joe!

    • They do grow incredibly fast. This is the partly the reason I wanted to devote a post to this; something I can look back on and freeze time.

      This was an emotional post for me as well. Recalling all the moments leading up to and after his birth touch me in a way I can barely describe. I love my daughters equally as well but there’s something extra special about a father-son relationship; one I can’t wait to experience as he grows.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Ruth! It was a treat for me to put this together in hopes one day my son and I can look back at this and share the moment.

      I’m glad you found it enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by!

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