Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

  1. This does not look peaceful to me! It looks more like a crazy child who finally was so worn out he passed out! And he can’t wait to wake up and terrorize the neighborhood!

    • That’s the precise reason I choose this as my interpretation of “peaceful”. They are so peaceful when they are asleep and as you said, the exact opposite when they’re awake!

      Nice to see you MJ.

  2. Great picture Joe. 🙂 What a way to define peaceful. I just saw you wrote a post previously, which i have n’t read yet. I am planning to change my job. So busy with preparing for the interview. But i will read that post soon. 🙂

    • Thanks Arindam! I’ve missed you around my blog, although I figured you were busy with something. Good luck on your interview! Let me know how it goes.

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