7 thoughts on “Tech Tutorials: Startup Folder

    • Some of those programs that start automatically can be extremely frustrating and annoying, especially if you don’t know where to look to cancel them. Glad it did you some good.

      Take care.

      • It didn’t start up, but it was just running as a process in the background. So if I’d hit ctrl-alt-delete I would find it there, but now it’s not there anymore 🙂
        The best thing to do would probably be to learn linux and then one would never have such problems, but…

  1. Very well put together, Joe! As you know, I married my very own computer guy, so I really lucked out. 🙂 You did a phenomenal job with the graphics to illustrate your post. I’ll bet you’ll help a lot of people with tips like these.

    • Thanks Melissa virus (I still laugh about that!) 🙂 It is nice to have your very own personal computer tech isn’t it? I often joke with my wife that she gives me my most experience!

      Nice to see you again.

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