7 x 7 Link Award Acceptance

On December 8th, 2011, I accepted my very first blog award, the Liebster Award, courtesy of Arindam at Being Arindam.  The moment was thrilling, exhilarating, and nothing short of pure awesomeness.  On the morning of December 28th, 2011, I was informed I was again nominated for an award.  This time, the 7 x 7 Link Award courtesy of Melissa at Play 101.

I’ve seen this award floating around throughout the WordPress community and was first introduced to it via Arindam’s blog.  Most of the recipients of these various blogging awards post an image of said award on their blog, similar to a trophy case if you will.  Today, I have the pleasure of adding to my trophy case and will proudly display the 7 x 7 Link Award in my sidebar.

Now for the award itself.  The protocol is as follows:

1.  List your top posts (of all you’ve ever written) under the 7 categories below.

2.  Pass the award on to 7 of your fellow bloggers and let them know you did so.

3.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to his or her blog.


Most Beautiful
Most Helpful
Most Popular
Most Controversial
Most Surprisingly Successful
Most Underrated
Most Pride-worthy

So without further ado, let’s go…

1.  List your top posts in the following categories:

Most Beautiful – Puzzle Pieces

A picture says 1,000 words.  No explanation needed on why I chose this as my most beautiful post.

Most Helpful – Building Your Own Computer – Part 1

A step by step guide to building your own computer, saving you hundreds of dollars all the while getting the most out of your very own customized computer.

Most Popular – Site hits:  The Handshake:  A Business Approach

It would appear to me the word “handshake” is “Googled” A LOT!  This post alone has seen 1,688 hits, almost double that of my home page.  This tells me one thing…people Google “handshake” or “business handshake” and stumble upon my blog entry, only to find it is merely a blog entry and quickly leave my blog.  Oh well, their loss.

Comments:  Halloween 2011 – Part 1 & Liebster Blog Award Acceptance

Both of these posts have seen 12 comments, 6 from other WordPressers and 6 from me.  I know, it’s a sad story.  But I’m okay with this because I blog because I like to blog, not because of the attention, or more accurately in my case, the lack of attention my blog receives.

Most Controversial – Time to Rant

Anytime anyone expresses their dislikes for something, somebody is going to disagree and quite possibly get upset.  Had my blog been more popular, I’m sure I would have pissed someone off.

Most Surprisingly Successful – The Arctic Showdown

This is one of my earlier posts and was surprised with its success, hence the reason it’s under the most surprisingly successful category.  This one always sticks out in my mind because Arindam often comments how this was his very favorite.

Most Underrated – The Checkout Questionnaire

I really thought this would have been more successful and it did not draw the attention I thought it deserved.  I thought it was very funny and I very much enjoyed writing it.  Perhaps it’ll gain the attention it deserves after being placed in this list.  We’ll see…

Most Pride-worthy – I Have Writers Block So I’m Just Going to Say It

It was this post I announced I had accomplished a goal I’d been striving towards for the better part of the last 5 years.  Unfortunately, the writers block bug bite me and despite the fact the post didn’t come out like I had planned, it was still a success in my eyes.  I was very proud of this one.

2.  Pass the award on to 7 of your fellow bloggers and let them know you did so.  Drum roll please…

Thoughts and Musings by MJ – Michael and I have recently became blogging buddies and in his words, pen aficionados.  I love the material he blogs about and I’m sure you will too!  Go ahead, click the link.  You won’t be disappointed.

Sweet and Weak by Simon – Also one of my nominations for the Liebster Blog Award, I can’t get enough of Simon’s blog.  The way he takes every day activities or situations and turns them into side splitters still perplexes me to this day.  If you need a good laugh, go visit Simon’s blog.

The Confused Graduate by Vinett – Add another award to your list Vinett, I’ve nominated you again.  A collection of haphazard posts with no rhyme or reason for their existence…right up my alley.  I don’t call my own blog My Haphazard Proclivities for nothing.

One Life by Jamie – While reading Melissa’s page dedicated to her blog awards, I happened to stumble across One Life by Jamie.  I haven’t had a chance to comment on his blog yet but I did subscribe after reading only a few posts.  I think you’ll see why.

Cereal with a Fork – A hilarious and random look at things through comics and cartoon pictures.

The Problem with Young People Today Is by Don – While Don continuously and relentlessly bashes my generation, I can’t help but to laugh at his blunt truthfulness.  Given the accuracy of “The Problem with Young People…”, I swear he is a young adult masquerading as a crabby old fart.  You be the judge.

Today’s Dad – A serious yet insightful glimpse into fatherhood in the 21st century.  For those younger fathers, or first-time fathers, this blog definitely provides some good pointers, tips, and even a little comedy about 21st fatherhood.

3.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to his or her blog.

Play 101 by Melissa is a blog dedicated to various children-related activities.  Highlighted throughout her blog are games, crafty things you and your children can participate in together, along with some stories about her experience as a parent.

Thank you for the nomination of the 7 x 7 Link Award!

Now go out there, visit all these great blogs, and spread the word!

4 thoughts on “7 x 7 Link Award Acceptance

    • Nosey away Jamie. I’m still picking through yours and trying to keep up with my obligation to respond to and accept these awards.

      I hope you like what you see.

  1. Congrats Joe. I wish your blog will get lots more visitors and appreciation. I will visit those posts which you mentioned, specially that most underrated one. I always read the post which is under that category, as i find a writer must wanted to say something special with that post, which a reader missed.
    I hope your health is all right now. Take care buddy. 🙂

    • You’re the best Arindam! Thanks for all your support, motivation, and inspiration. And yes, I am feeling almost 100% and hopefully my sickness is gone for good.

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