Puzzle Pieces

Here’s another recent work of mine.  Again I’d like to say thanks to Steve Patterson for providing the easy to follow tutorial for which this image is based on.  It can be found here.

This is an image of my son’s first photograph, taken only hours after he was born.  I thought the puzzle pattern was fitting for this project because he really is/was the final piece of the puzzle for my family.  I know…cheesy, but it’s true.




5 thoughts on “Puzzle Pieces

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    • Thanks Arindam. I have been familiarizing myself with Photoshop over the last month or so and plan on working on a few projects very soon.

      Of course I’ll be posting them on my site here at WordPress so make sure you come back and take a look.

    • Welcome Charles and thanks for stopping by! No, it’s not a real puzzle but Photoshop does have that affect sometimes.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit! Hope to see you again!

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