Anatomy 101

Like most parents, my wife and I spend most of our free time (free time…what’s that!?) with our children attempting to educate them on life lessons such as sharing and saying please and thank you as well as counting, differentiating between colors, all the different types of animals, and so on.  I remember doing this with all my children when they were about a year or so old where we’d also ask them basic questions about their anatomy.  For instance, where’s your nose?  Where’s your eyes?  Where’s your mouth, etc.  Again and again, we’d ask our toddler children these same questions and while doing so, we’d point to that particular body part until they got it down pat.  After much repetition, our kids were able to identify their nose, eyes, mouths, fingers, toes, amongst other parts.  Given the assumed thought process and attention span of a toddler, this process is truly a remarkable feat of accomplishment!

My son is now 19 months old and is getting pretty good at this little game, except he has one thing confused…

Rest assured, my wife and I will continue to work on this…


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